Gain the skills to become a confident, engaging presenter.


Imagine being as good on stage as a TED speaker. Shil consistently coaches people towards that level of public speaking.

TEDx Speaker Coaching

Drawing on experiences as the Head of Speaker coaching for TEDxPerth, Shil can work with you to create, tailor and deliver TEDx style talks.

Keynote Speaker Coaching

If you are speaking at a conference, event or town delivering an address to your team, Shil can work with you to build a memorable speech

Event Coaching

A great event takes audiences on a journey from the moment they walk into the room. Shil can work with you to ensure the event speakers are coached, curated and presented in an unforgettable way.

Wedding Speeches

If you have the honour of speaking at a wedding, let Shil take the stress out of your address by working with you to build a memorable talk


I reached out to Shil ahead of a public speaking event. He was so professional, helping me with the content and delivery. I am so proud to say I delivered the speech with no notes and was able to calm my nerves. Now I know I can do it, and I also know what it takes for me to reach that level for the future.

Thank you Shil! I can’t recommend your services highly enough!

Louise Mazanec
Chief Financial Officer, PEDCO Engineering

I reached out to Shil in the re development of my career, it was an 8 year gap between me presenting and I thought it would be straight forward, I did it a lot in previous roles, I was wrong, Shil taught me how to control my speaking, I have a north east of england accent which can be very fast dialog and presenting multiplies with adrenaline kicking in. Shil taught me to deep breath creating time for the brain to think to control what you say. These simple factors give confidence to then extend your boundaries making you a better presenter with confidence.

Chris Bush
State Manager, SIRF Roundtables

Shil provided me with the confidence and the public speaking techniques needed to deliver a quality speech that communicated the key messages to the audience with impact. I found Shil to be very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. I now have an array of new techniques to write and deliver effective presentations and speeches. I can’t wait to deliver another speech in the future.

I would recommend Shil’s services to anyone who is looking to improve upon this valuable life skill.

Clint Browning,
Project Director, WA Police