Shil is a public speaking specialist, MC and storyteller.

He is the first speaker coach in Australia to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and use Virtual Reality as ground-breaking tools to develop and measure the skill of public speaking and storytelling 

Shil has coached individuals and teams, facilitated conversations and presented keynotes across most industries in more than 20 countries, and is recognised as one of the world’s leading public speaking specialists. 

He is a lifelong Manchester United supporter, a wildlife enthusiast and an instant coffee lover (this is where most people cringe!) 

Shil is also Board Member for Guerrilla Establishment, a presentation mentor for Impact100 WA and the head of speaker coaching for TEDxPerth

In 2021, SHIL – an award-winning short film documentary on Shil’s life, was released globally. 

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Shil is the Head of speaker coaching for TEDxPerth.

Working alongside Local and International coaches, the team work with speakers in delivering some of the amazing TED talks you see online.

In 2018 Shil was invited to speak, and assist as a speaker coach, at the Australian Tax Office’s internal event, TEDxATOPerth.

Due to license restrictions this talk is unavailable for public viewing.

Shil was accepted to deliver a TOD Talk in 2022. 

TOD Talks is one of the most popular stand up comedy shows at the Fringe Festival.




  • Shil was born in Kenya and speaks fluent Swahilli 
  • He was stalked by lions on a safari!
  • The gym is his place of zen – his second home!
  • He loves football and is a massive Manchester United supporter
  • His favourite music acts are Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors and Hernan Cattaneo
  • Shil loves wildlife – he once had 10 dogs, a tortoise, fish, lizards and a bird 




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