It’s time to redefine public speaking

Hi! I’m Shil. Contrary to what you see on this landing page, I’m an anxious introvert who needed to control my insecurities around speaking so I could communicate effectively, and create exciting opportunities in my career.

For the past two decades I have developed creative ways to speak and learnt how to connect with audiences – whether it’s presenting, pitching, networking, meetings, webinars, at conferences or a TEDx stage. 

With this experience and my creative methods, I can show you how to control your emotions and speak confidently so you can advance your career, build your reputation, feel empowered, and ensure your audience remembers exactly who you are.



In 2019, Perth film maker Scott Quayle approached me with a crazy idea – he wanted to make a short film documentary about me!

Scott wanted to reveal the personal reasons behind me leaving my full-time job to start Chatterbox, and an intimate look at what drives me every single day to support people in getting better at public speaking.

After 12 months of filming – including navigating through a global pandemic, SHIL was released in February 2021.

We hope anyone watching this film feels inspired to dig deep within themselves to face their fears and flourish in life.


Virtual Reality

A game changer in public speaking

Chatterbox Virtual Reality is just one of the tools we use at Chatterbox to unlock your ability to become a better presenter.

Invest in yourself.

Chatterbox VR, paired with guidance and systematic coaching from Shil Shanghavi, can transform even the most nervous public presenter into someone ready to step onto a TEDx stage.


Why Chatterbox

I’ve worked with Shil on a couple of quite different projects and on both occasions, Shil has produced really impressive results. Shil’s a very good public speaker – that’s a given – but he’s also an outstandingly perceptive listener. The first time he polished a 6-minute funding pitch and helped us score a $100k grant. More recently he trained 3 very diverse speakers into a cohesive and professional speaking team.

In the public speaking space if Shil can’t do it, it probably can’t be done!

Paul Higginbotham
CEO, Earbus Foundation

Shil is a passionate story teller and a true public speaking expert. In our workshop, he inspired, empowered and equipped all participants to unlock their own storytelling potential. It was a fantastic, deeply engaging experience.

I would recommend Shil to anyone looking to take their public speaking capabilities to the next level.

James Walsh
Senior Economist, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

I’ve heard Shil speak several times, each occasion leaves me pumped to get out of my comfort zone and give something new a go. Everyone has a success story to share, and Shil’s is one that I think everybody needs to hear. 

Get inspired!

Phil Hughes
Managing Director, Adapt Risk Solutions

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We live in a world in constant connectivity, which can be overwhelming. Every piece of communication and content you will get from Shil and Chatterbox will always be curated to bring value to your journey to grow as a speaker, leader, business owner and as a human.

Consider it a “NO-SPAM” guarantee, none of us have time for that.